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College education must equip engineers and scientists with advanced Data Science skills to meet industry demands.
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The Finolity CSED Education Program offers a dynamic platform for real-world skill development in Computer Science and IT. The Finolity Academic Alliance supports tertiary institutions in promptly implementing hands-on curriculum covering diverse fields including software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud computing, and DevOps practices, equipping students with industry-relevant expertise for building cutting-edge technological solutions.

  • Real-world, ready for 2028 & beyond
  • 50+ Apps and Products to be Coded
  • Addresses manufacturing, service, and engineering challenges.
  • Utilize Connect for securing jobs and campus placements for students.
  • Practical and affordable educational solutions available.
  • Monthly 1-1 sessions with Industry Professionals

Future-Proof Curriculum

Our future-proof curriculum, crafted in partnership with leading engineering experts, ensures students gain essential skills and knowledge to thrive in rapidly evolving industries, fostering innovation and success.

Top Instructors

Embark on a transformative learning journey with daily classes led by top instructors who have pioneered technologies at companies like Facebook Messenger, Uber.

1 Year Paid Internship

Gain invaluable real-world experience through our 1-year paid internship program, where hands-on learning meets industry demands, equipping you with essential skills for a successful career journey.

100% Placement Support

Benefit from guaranteed placement support as our 100+ recruitment specialists work tirelessly to connect you with stellar career opportunities, ensuring your success in the professional world.

Finolity Digital Campus Industry Academic Alliance Program

Acquire industry-relevant tech skills in Computer Science with Training & Placement Support. Benefit from live classroom sessions, real-time engagement with instructors, and interactive Q&A for immediate doubt solving. Learn to handle production issues, automate infrastructure creation with Terraform, build CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, containerize applications with Docker, and orchestrate microservices with Kubernetes. Design metrics dashboards using Prometheus and Grafana, and scale infrastructure for spikes, ensuring resilience and robustness.

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Project-Based Learning

CIED fosters collaborative student engagement, integrating stakeholders in all stages. It immerses students in enterprise values, products, and partnerships, enhancing industry readiness through project-based learning and expert resources.

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Industrial Internship

We offer domain-specific industrial expertise, working platforms, and machinery in universities, along with placement assistance and procurement of relevant machinery for internships during college tenure, for courses like engineering or medical.

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Experience Center

Experience Centers facilitate idea exploration and project-based learning. CIED functions as an industry-in-campus, offering hands-on training, creating a workforce with working experience, and fostering entrepreneurial skills.

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Gain recognition

Enhance university teachers’ expertise with industry training and updated curriculum to boost institution ranking, potentially achieving top rankings like NAAC A++ from the Government of India.

Prepare students to create the future with CIED

Partnering with us brings significant benefits to your college and students. Our Finolity CIED Program prioritizes skills, offering a cutting-edge curriculum taught by MAANG experts from Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. Integrating our program seamlessly into your curriculum enhances your offerings, attracting motivated students seeking advanced learning. Students also gain 6 months of access to comprehensive course materials, facilitating career growth and international exposure.

The value of Professional Training

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Industry Academic Alliance Program offers

By integrating our program seamlessly into your college curriculum, you’ll enhance the value of your offerings and attract motivated students seeking advanced learning opportunities. Additionally, students will gain an additional 6 months of access to our comprehensive course materials, facilitating their career growth and providing them with valuable international exposure.

Programming Language Fundamentals

Essential principles for understanding and applying programming languages effectively.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Foundational concepts for organizing and manipulating data efficiently in algorithms.


Structured Query Language for managing and manipulating relational databases efficiently.

LLD and Project Specialisations

Low-Level Design and focused project areas for specialized skill development.

Genrative AI

Generative Artificial Intelligence creates new content resembling human creations autonomously.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automate tasks, enabling data-driven decisions.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Analyzing data to extract insights and presenting them visually for clarity.

Foundations of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Basic principles and techniques for machine learning and deep learning.

Machine Learning Ops

Managing and deploying machine learning models efficiently in production environments.

System Design

Designing scalable and efficient software systems to meet specific requirements.

Cloud Computing in IoT

Leveraging cloud computing for efficient and scalable Internet of Things.

Data Analytics for IIoT

Analytics platform tailored for Industrial Internet of Things data analysis.


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