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College education must equip engineers and scientists with advanced manufacturing and IIoT skills to meet industry demands.
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Equip the next generation of Industry Academic with Smart Manufacturing & IIoT


The Finolity CIED Education Program provides access to a real-time development tool for Smart Manufacturing and IIoT.  Finolity Academic Alliance aids post-secondary institutions in swiftly establishing interactive design and development programs covering various areas such as design, engineering, data management, collaboration, manufacturing ERP,  and ThingWorx Engineering courses for building superior IIoT solutions.

  • Finolity utilizes Unity’s tools for immersive learning in academia.
  • Skill development and vocational training offered for medical, engineering.
  • Addresses manufacturing, service, and engineering challenges.
  • Utilize Connect for securing jobs and campus placements for students.
  • Practical and affordable educational solutions available.
  • Wide accessibility of educational solutions like Smart Manufacturing & IIoT 

Product Design and Development Lab

The lab features top-tier HP/Dell workstations and industry-specific design software for Automotive, Industrial, and Aerospace sectors.

Smart Manufacturing & IIoT Lab

The Smart Manufacturing Lab has a stamping machine and hardware, while the IIoT Basic Lab features various equipment including PTC ThingWorx Platform.

Additive Manufacturing & Composite Lab

The Rapid Prototyping lab has a Fusion Plastic Modeling Machine with compatible software, while the Composite Lab features various equipment.

Reverse Engineering & Machining Lab

Reverse Engineering Lab uses Blue Light Scanner and RE software for digital modeling. It offers commercial consultancy for inspection and reengineering.

Finolity Digital Campus Industry Academic Alliance Program

The Industry Academic Alliance Program, facilitated by Finolity Digital Campus Program (CIED), promotes partnerships and research in universities focusing on smart manufacturing and IIoT. Their courses prepare students for roles in Design Engineering, Data Management Collaboration, Manufacturing ERP, Manufacturing Production, and Simulation. This equips students for applications in Industry 4.0, enhancing their employability and readiness for professional growth within the IIoT landscape.

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Project-Based Learning

CIED fosters collaborative student engagement, integrating stakeholders in all stages. It immerses students in enterprise values, products, and partnerships, enhancing industry readiness through project-based learning and expert resources.

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Industrial Internship

We offer domain-specific industrial expertise, working platforms, and machinery in universities, along with placement assistance and procurement of relevant machinery for internships during college tenure, for courses like engineering or medical.

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Experience Center

Experience Centers facilitate idea exploration and project-based learning. CIED functions as an industry-in-campus, offering hands-on training, creating a workforce with working experience, and fostering entrepreneurial skills.

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Gain recognition

Enhance university teachers’ expertise with industry training and updated curriculum to boost institution ranking, potentially achieving top rankings like NAAC A++ from the Government of India.

Prepare students to create the future with CIED

Prepare students to shape the future with CIED’s Smart Manufacturing and IIoT program, leveraging real-time 3D software. Benefit from accessing high-quality assets and tools to accelerate projects. Whether enhancing a mobile blockbuster or reimagining product visualization, Smart Manufacturing and IIoT unlock endless possibilities. Notable creations in Smart Manufacturing and IIoT showcase its versatility, while brands like Tata, Google, Microsoft, and eBay leverage its power. What will you create?

The value of Professional Training

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Industry Academic Alliance Program offers

Introduce the top-tier real-time 3D development platform into your classroom or computer lab, offering institutions multi-seat access to Smart Manufacturing and IIoT’s real-time development tool. Compatible with institutional computers and servers, this license empowers students to begin crafting immersive experiences for any industry.

Product Design and Development Lab

Lab for innovative product design and development projects.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Immersive experiences blending virtual and real worlds for various applications.

Edge Computing

Processing data closer to its source for faster response times.

Additive Manufacturing Lab

Lab specializing in advanced additive manufacturing processes and technologies.

Product Manufacturing & Product Analysis

Manufacturing products while analyzing and optimizing production processes for efficiency.

Composite Lab

Lab focused on composite material research and manufacturing techniques.

Machining Lab

Lab equipped for precision machining and manufacturing operations training.

Data Science & IIoT Foundation

Foundation for integrating data science with Industrial Internet of Things.

Reality Lab

Lab dedicated to immersive reality technology research and development projects.

Reverse Engineering Lab

Lab specializing in converting physical objects into digital models.

Generator Monitoring System Lab

Lab focused on monitoring and optimizing generator performance and efficiency.

Cloud Computing in IoT

Leveraging cloud computing for efficient and scalable Internet of Things.

Data Analytics for IIoT

Analytics platform tailored for Industrial Internet of Things data analysis.

Interfacing & Communication

Facilitating communication and interaction between devices and systems efficiently.

Smart Industrial Connectivity

Enabling intelligent and seamless connectivity in industrial settings for efficiency.

Cyber Security in IoT

Protecting Internet of Things devices and networks from cyber threats.

Smart Manufacturing

Efficient, automated manufacturing processes using advanced technologies for optimization.

Mold Design & Manufacturing

Creating molds for manufacturing processes to produce various products efficiently.

Press Tool Design & Manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing press tools for efficient mass production processes.


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