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Kumar Abhishek

Kumar Abhishek stands as a distinguished IT leader, boasting an extensive career spanning decades dedicated to the development of cutting-edge technology-driven enterprises. Currently at the helm of Finolity as its CEO, Kumar assumes a pivotal role in shaping the company’s strategic vision, propelling growth, and solidifying Finolity’s position as the preferred partner for mid-market strategic buyers in the realm of IT.

Under Kumar’s leadership, Finolity has forged robust alliances with industry giants such as IBM and Microsoft. These strategic partnerships underscore Kumar’s adeptness in navigating the dynamic landscape of technology, aligning Finolity with global leaders to enhance its capabilities and offerings.

Among Finolity’s notable achievements is the establishment of partnerships with esteemed clients like Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana. This accomplishment not only attests to Kumar’s adeptness in fostering relationships with prominent institutions but also highlights Finolity’s stature as a trusted partner for significant entities in the mid-market segment.

Kumar Abhishek’s journey in the IT sector was preceded by a passion for technology, marking him as a tech enthusiast. His foray into the industry began with notable certifications, including recognition as a certified trainer in Android by Google. Beyond certifications, Kumar’s commitment to knowledge dissemination led him to the realm of education, where he served as an educator on Unacademy. His dedication and expertise in computer technology earned him a place among the top 10 educators in the field in India on the platform.

Before assuming the role of CEO at Finolity, Kumar garnered diverse experiences, including serving as the Head of Technology in other companies. These roles enriched his understanding of technology’s multifaceted applications and solidified his reputation as a seasoned professional in the IT domain.

Kumar Abhishek’s multifaceted journey reflects a seamless blend of entrepreneurial acumen, technological expertise, and a deep-rooted passion for education. His transition from a tech enthusiast and educator to a prominent IT leader underscores his commitment to continuous growth and innovation. As Finolity’s CEO, Kumar’s strategic vision and collaborative approach position the company at the forefront of the industry, ready to meet the evolving needs of mid-market strategic buyers in the dynamic IT landscape.


“At Finolity, we chart the course of innovation, delivering transformative solutions to empower businesses. Excellence is not an option; it’s our expectation. Join us on the journey where possibilities are limitless, and success knows no bounds.”

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